They’re At It Again!

Once again, someone is referencing this blog to help them sell something without having asked my permission (not that they would get it, anyway!).–auktion_302522_142130552

It’s a Swedish auction site, and doubtless quite respectable, but they do make it very difficult to contact them without first logging in to their site, which I have no wish to do.  In the end, I had to go to their Facebook page to ask them to remove the offending link.

As the site is Swedish, I can’t really tell what it is that they hope to achieve by linking to my post but I assume that it’s an attempt to validate their item by comparing it with mine, which is completely inexcusable.  The photo, apart from anything else, is so poor that you could be bidding on anything, but even if it was perfectly depicted and described, my blog does not exist to validate other people’s sales.

In a sense this doesn’t matter to me because I don’t think that I have any realistic legal exposure, here.  However, I don’t want anyone who knows this blog to make a purchase that they would regret because they believe that in some way I am standing behind it.

I’m not.  No reference you will ever see to my blog in any sale that doesn’t bear my eBay name (redripple52) has anything to do with me.

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